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Garage Door Opener

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Most homes are built with a garage which is used as a store room. Garage doors are either automatic or manual. Either way they both have door openers. Automatic garage doors make work easier by minimizing the hustle of having to use hands in lifting the heavy doors.Garage door opener

During Installation or replacement

As much as most garage doors from recently built homes and buildings come with ready installed electric door opener, technology has made it possible for manual doors to be automated by installing electric door openers.

In installation or replacement of a garage door opener the process should be executed by a professional since set up requires attention to detail, experience, and of course the right tools.  Any critical details missed out while setting up could result in complications such as the door getting stuck halfway, being imbalanced or even causing accidents.

Troubleshooting and Repair 

Troubleshooting is the first step taken when your garage door gets faulty and needs repair.The procedure is carried out to identify the particular issue and involves a visual inspection on the door’s system. We check possible causes including; power problem, or an object blocking the door hindering it from opening or closing, broken springs, a misaligned track and other possible defects. After identification of the problem, necessary repair is done.

Hiring our experts to work on your door opener is important because they not only have vast experience in the field but always have the appropriate tools for the job regardless of the service you require. Our team at Garage Door Repair Sunnyvale will gladly take care of anything you need regarding your opener.

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